• Texaco Pipeline Abandonment

    MRS staff managed the production of an environmental impact report (EIR) on biological and geological issues associated with the Texaco Hollister Ranch Abandonment Project located in the Gaviota area of Santa Barbara County.

  • Environmental Analyses

    MRS’ ongoing work with the the California State Lands Commission has lead to the production of numerous environmental analyses throughout the state, including the completion of reports for the Carpinteria Field Redevelopment Project, the Venoco Paredon Project in Carpinteria, as well as Venoco development projects in Santa Barbara County, and the Chevron Marine Terminal lease renewal in El Segundo, to name a few.

  • Morro Bay

    The City of Morro Bay has relied on MRS for all of its marine consulting work since July 1993. Through MRS efforts, the City has been able to maintain a specialized wastewater discharge permit that modifies specific discharge requirements because MRS has been able to demonstrate an absence of impacts to the marine environment.

MRS Environmental Inc. is a locally owned and staffed environmental consulting firm located in Santa Barbara, California. We have more than 30 years experience consulting, monitoring, and providing our clients with excellent service. Our clients range from local governmental agencies to private international companies. MRS and its staff have managed, consulted on, and contributed to projects across the state, nation, and world. We look forward to meeting your needs.

Safety Assessment


MRS staff have assisted some of the world’s largest petroleum companies in the development of their environmental, health and safety auditing and management programs.

Specialized Equipment


Our Stealth ROV is utilized by experienced MRS marine scientists, oceanographers, meterologists, engineers and certified divers to conduct surveys, analyses and prepare reports.

Biological Effects

fishDecades of experience in the management and performance of oceanographic research programs provide our clients with quality products for use in environmental decision making.