• CEQA Expertise

    Our consultants are experts in CEQA Analysis, with extensive experience completing EIRs, MNDs and NDs for a range of projects. MRS staff has prepared more than 100 environmental reviews and technical studies, with extensive experience testifying before decision makers in CEQA case law. Our core competencies include technical analysis of issue areas including hazardous materials, land use planning, air quality, biology, geology, noise, traffic, decommissioning of oil and gas facilities, and more.

    Environmental Compliance
  • Air Quality Analysis

    Extensive experience conducting air quality analysis for projects localed in the SCAQMD, VCAPCD, SBCAPCD, SLOAPCD, and BAAQMD jurisdictions. Includes estimates of emissions, health risk, hot spots, GHG emissions and odors. Wide range of emissions sources from a range of industries, including industrial, residential, mobile sources, construction and oil and gas. Emission estimates utilizing a variety of criteria, toxic, and risk assessment models.

  • Mitigation Monitoring

    Development and implementation of CEQA-related mitigation monitoring programs, including in-field monitoring to ensure 24-hour compliance. We offer field investigation in response to public complaints and compliance issues.

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  • Risk Assessments

    Expertise in the application of quantitative risk assessments, including hazardous materials releases, impacts to workers and the public, transportation risk assessments, highway and rail transportation of hazardous materials. Spill risk assessments of hazardous material pipelines, truck, rail and marine transportation situations.

    Safety and Risk of Upset Consultants
  • Construction Monitoring

    Experience monitoring construction site activities for compliance with conditions of approval, regulatory requirements, storm water requirements, dust and air quality requirements and CEQA related mitigation measures.

  • Biological Monitoring and Assessments

    Extensive experience with in-field biological monitoring, including surveys, construction and operations monitoring related to botany, migratory bird compliance, tiger salamander compliance, and marine resources.

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  • Land Use Planning

    Experience in land use plans and policies, permit applications, ordinances, development of mitigation measures and permit conditions, and public presentations.

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  • Noise Analysis

    Modeling of noise impacts using SoundPlan modeling software to assess the potential noise impacts of proposed projects and activities. The SoundPlan model can account for terrain, meteorological effects as well as acoustic band analysis. We provide in-field noise monitoring and compliance, with both short- and long-term capabilities. Field monitoring utilizes Larsen-Davis type-1 meters with monitoring of acoustic parameters and sound recording to correlate noise sources.

MRS Environmental Inc. is a locally owned and staffed environmental consulting firm located in Santa Barbara, California. We have more than 30 years experience preparing environmental documents, studies, risk assessments, land use regulation and policy analysis, and monitoring. Our clients range from local governmental agencies to private international companies. MRS and its staff have managed, consulted on, and contributed to projects across the state, nation, and world. We look forward to meeting your needs.

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